Sunday, March 11, 2007

March Madness

Hey waddup ya'll. I thought I'd just write a bit here about March Madness. This is one of the best times of year for basketball mad cats like me. You got the NBA regular season coming to an end, so all the talk is about playoff spots and seeds. But you also got College Hoops' most important month! We got championship week at the moment. And soon its time for the NCAA tourney and I can't wait for this shit.

So who do I like? Well, Greg Oden and his Buckeyes are just kicking into gear now. It's like Oden has heard everyone saying "Hang on, this Durant kid is putting up huge numbers. Maybe he should be number 1 pick in the draft" and decided to remind everyone why he is so highly rated (although neither are locks to be in the draft people keep forgetting). He has started using his right hand again - and that means problems for all the opposition.

Kansas are also up there. They got a nicely balanced team and many of their players can give you double digit games. Then in my opinion there are a host of teams below these two who could still go all the way. Right down to Georgetown who could indeed go deep. Also, any team with Kevin Durant in it, has got to be a chance. This guy is crazy talented. Texas will therefore be a must-watch this month.

But the team I'll be rooting for to go as far as possible? Virginia. I just like the back court: Singletary and Reynolds. Sick cunts. Although they just lost in the ACC tournament to North Carolina State. Reynolds shot like a bitch (3-15).

Anyways I hope ya'll will be getting into it. Peace.

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DS Style said...

I will defenitely beat you in the March Madness game on SK!!