Monday, March 26, 2007

Final Four - Quit your whinging!


Cool. We got some final four action going on here and no one could begrudge the team that eventually wins the Tourney. All four remaining teams have had great seasons.

When high seeds dominate the tournament as they have this year, many people start complaining. Cries of "No Cinderella story? Then no interest from me whatsoever!" or "The results are too predictable and most games short on drama" are heard.

Sorry. I didn't realise the NCAA tournament was all about you. I didn't realise the main goal of the NCAA tournament was to entertain you. The whole system must be flawed simply because you weren't given a regular dosage of upsets. It was all so much better "back in the day."

Um...last year George Mason made one of the most incredible runs ever. Remember? If it wasn't for years like 2007, when the top schools dominate, runs like last year's would be nowhere near as impressive. And no where near as memorable.

And who's to say theres no entertainment? In the final four we have:
  • A true character of the game trying to go Repeat and create a true hoops legacy (Florida's Noah)
  • A future hall of famer awakening from his slumber and reminding everyone big man defense can be title-deciding (Ohio State's Oden). The thing is, he's going up against another big man who's doing exactly the same thing in Georgetown (Roy Hibbert).
  • An incredibly well oiled UCLA team out for revenge over Florida after last year's events.
And already in the tourney we've seen some incredible comebacks and great-escapes (Ohio State's and Georgetown's being the most memorable). If people say those games weren't drama filled, then I don't know what is.

We have four top notch teams playing top quality basketball. The NCAA tournament is about rewarding the teams who play the best basketball. To achieve this players need to exhibit great teamwork, incredible skills honed by years of practice and hustle spurred on by the fans and passion felt for their college. It's not about entertaining you...but if you keep an open mind you can bet your bottom dollar that it will.

P.S. For those who want to see my Bracket, here it is.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

First name Sean, last name Price

So this is how it goes. I named this blog after the Brokest Rapper you know, Sean Price. So it's only natural I make a post about him.

When it comes to Sean P, you either love him, or clearly haven't heard him yet. Cos its impossible to listen to this cat and hate him. The dude comes fucking charismatic on the mic. He is a veteran MC, formerly part of the duo Heltah Skeltah as Ruck with colleague Rock. This was back in the 90s and these guys were at the forefront of Boot Camp Clik, a hip-hop supergroup from Brooklyn. A couple of years ago dude released his first solo joint: Monkey Barz. Shit was fire - mad lyrics and mad beats. This year he is back with yet more dopeness. The new album is entitled "Jesus Price Supastar"

But why do I love P so much? Aside from his charisma on the mic, its just those mad word plays he comes up with. He is truly hardcore in that Wu-Tang style where its all tongue in cheek but still way more hardcore than those fake ass clowns you see on the screen these days like Mims. He is also hilariously self-depreciating. But yeh, about his word plays: them shits are dope. Shit like "Call dude at the radio / 'Listen could you play me yo?' / 'Yeh i'm a play it', he didn't play it, but he played me though"

That shit right there is dope as fuck. But its just par for the course with Sean P. And he is creative too. How about "Words can't explain the way I feel / ***Starts whistling***" Lots of rappers just stick to that 16 bars shit. And they are generic. If P comes up with an idea he is not afraid to try it. More often than not, it works. Fuck it: it always works. Here's 3 tracks that should help you understand dude is dope.

Onion Head feat. Tek
Fly line: "Gotta dime bitch that live in Japan / Black belt, suck dick, chop bricks with her hand"

I could quote any line from this track. But I'll let you listen to it. The beat by Khrysis just screams for some hot shit to be spat over it. Really gets you going. But when you think about it - when was the last time you heard a wack Khrysis beat? I might do a post on that cat soon.

Jedi Mind Tricks - Beyond the Gates of Pain feat. Sean Price
Fly line: "Rockin and Rollin...Guns N Roses / Pocket is Swollen...Son is Holding, Sean P!"

This beat suits P nicely. Although actually any beat suits P. Ok maybe I should stop praising son and get off his dick.

Fly line: "Word bond, ya'll niggas can't rap worth a damn / The Nine burst blam and earthslam your fam"

Ok here's another P track, produced by 9th Wonder this time. 9th produces a heap of P's shit. It's typical Sean at the start of the track when he says "this beat is just so cool, you know you just wanna relax and, say some old cool shit...but that's not me" and proceeds to bring "Violence" to a beat most rappers would be rhyming about some "ole cool shit."

"The beat is smooth, the rap is hard..." Damn right.


Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Strick: Mad skills from Milwaukee

Ok ya'll. In case you didn't know, I support the Milwaukee Bucks in the NBA. This year hasn't been the best for us, quite simply cos injuries have taken their toll. However, when the team has been fully healthy and Michael Redd in the starting line up, we have been playing very well and beaten some real good teams. You got my boy Bogut establishing himself as one of the best passing centres in the game, Charlie Bell improving at a rate of notts, Charlie V putting up some good numbers as a big man who can shoot the ball and Mo Williams really maturing as a point guard. This, coupled with Michael Redd's exquisite shooting, experience and physicality provided by the reborn Ruben Patterson, a returning Bobby Simmons next year and maybe a nice player in this year's draft (a small forward would be ideal) we can and will win the Eastern Conference in a few years. Its not too far away.

Anyways, that's not the point of this post. The point of this post, is that the town of Milwaukee has a mad rapper in its midst too. He goes by the name of Stricklin, or Strick for short.

This cat is real nice on the mic. He is kinda a throwback to that mid 90s style when skills were still important. He will boast, not with empty repetitive gangster phrases, but with great stanzas. This is the best way to boast: actually show you have skills. You leave the listener sure you are dope.

Dude started rolling with Masta Ace after his deal with Tommy Boy fell through. He appeared on a few Masta Ace tracks on "Disposable Arts" and then "A Long Hot Summer" and that's where I first heard him. I was immediately impressed. I got his album "The Resume" and it is indeed dope. He also roles with Royce Da 5'9 sometimes and has done a few tracks with him. Here is a couple of tracks you might like to check...

Stricklin - Rest Assured It feat. Skoob
Fly line: "As for you, youse a bitch, and your man is your clone / Talk shit but freeze up when them cameras is on / don't articulate, and when you do, your grammar is wrong / so please back the fuck up before I damage your dome"

This track has a real nice beat. I just like that chilled beat. But with Stricklin its more about the lyrics. Its just real hip-hop. If you are wondering who he is on the track - its pretty obvious he is the guy NOT saying "diggity etc" that's Skoob of Das Efx.

Stricklin - 4 Brothaz feat. Masta Ace, Punch & Words

Fly line: "You faggots really can't rhyme - you just yellin / And i ain't ate, you look like a plate of fresh melon / And i gotta huge appetite / you dudes ain't rapping right / and i ain't rap to tight / and you might get clapped To-Nite"

This is Strick with Masta Ace and Punchline and Wordsworth. Word em up, this quartet actually are recording a whole lot of shit together under the name "eMC" and they have an album coming out soon. That will be fire. Lots of talent in that quartet right there, no weak link. This track will give you an idea of what to expect...Strick got first...

Masta Ace - F.A.Y. feat. Stricklin
Fly Line: "Nobody knows me / no record label chose me / but tommy boy did, and look where that got me / a bad attitude and a reason not to be cocky"

This is my fav Strick track. He has the last verse and it's fucking awesome. Both Ace and Strick are just on the negative tip on this track in regards to the whole hip-hop industry and even life itself. Ace is very often on this tip, and I like hearing it. Dude speaks some truth. Anyway Strick just comes hella nice on this track. He is on a mad negative tip. Which is very different for a hip-hop song, but also very listenable, somehow. Listen to it, figure it out yourself...

Sunday, March 11, 2007

March Madness

Hey waddup ya'll. I thought I'd just write a bit here about March Madness. This is one of the best times of year for basketball mad cats like me. You got the NBA regular season coming to an end, so all the talk is about playoff spots and seeds. But you also got College Hoops' most important month! We got championship week at the moment. And soon its time for the NCAA tourney and I can't wait for this shit.

So who do I like? Well, Greg Oden and his Buckeyes are just kicking into gear now. It's like Oden has heard everyone saying "Hang on, this Durant kid is putting up huge numbers. Maybe he should be number 1 pick in the draft" and decided to remind everyone why he is so highly rated (although neither are locks to be in the draft people keep forgetting). He has started using his right hand again - and that means problems for all the opposition.

Kansas are also up there. They got a nicely balanced team and many of their players can give you double digit games. Then in my opinion there are a host of teams below these two who could still go all the way. Right down to Georgetown who could indeed go deep. Also, any team with Kevin Durant in it, has got to be a chance. This guy is crazy talented. Texas will therefore be a must-watch this month.

But the team I'll be rooting for to go as far as possible? Virginia. I just like the back court: Singletary and Reynolds. Sick cunts. Although they just lost in the ACC tournament to North Carolina State. Reynolds shot like a bitch (3-15).

Anyways I hope ya'll will be getting into it. Peace.

Thursday, March 8, 2007

Little known songs...

I'm gonna make my first real post be about those songs that you love, but no one seems to have even heard of them. Everyone has a few of these. I must have a few hundred.

Here: I'll give you three today. The first is by Houston cat Devin the Dude. You know; that guy on Dr Dre's song "Fuck You"? He got that mad chilled higher-pitched type of voice. And this song, "Right Now," has just one of the most chilled beats you'll hear. The two go hand in hand. This song just really makes me feel good and its hedonistic nature helps remind me life is pretty fucking good.

Devin the Dude - Right Now
Fly line: "I'm like 'I know its kinda scary, it's a long way down / You shoulda had your shit together when you was on the ground' "

The second is kinda similar in that it makes me feel good. It's by Will.I.Am of Black Eyed Peas together with Long Beach Dub All Stars. It's just got mad lyrics, mad melody and mad instrumental. If you don't end up thinking more positive for a few minutes after listening to this song, you probably never will/do think positive. Brighten up!

Long Beach Dub All Stars feat. Will.I.Am - Sunny Hours
Fly line: "Tell me why I'm not dead with them in the valley down below / I give thanks everyday, for these words that save my soul"

Lastly I'll hook you up with a song that is probably the most well known of these three mentioned. But still, many of this guy's fans have never even heard of this song. It is my favourite song by Lupe Fiasco, and it's from his mixtape "Fahrenheit 1/15 Part I" and it's called "Failure." That is some raw lyrical shit right here. This song made me salivate for over 12 months waiting for his debut album "Food & Liquor." The album was dope but nothing matched his consistent brilliance throughout the verses of this cut. The beat is hella nice too. This is just real hip-hop with mad word plays and great rhyming throughout. This reminds you why you ain't a rapper. P.S. Does anyone else think he looks a lot like Steve Francis? (that's Lupe above if you weren't sure).

Lupe Fiasco - Failure
Fly line: "Please don't Interscope...its gon be a whole lotta Iovine and respiratin’ if I lean out this window with Irene."

Ok that's it for now. Like some foreigner in California once said, I'll be back.

The Brokest Writer You Know

That's right fools. The Brokest Writer You Know is here. Word em up. But this is a great day for all you hip-hop fans out there, cos I'm gonna hook you up with some of the flyest tracks you ever heard. I'll upload them for a limited time on or something similar. And I'll explain why it is that I like them.

It's real late cos I was trying to think of a name for this blog. (Bloggystyle, Strictly 4 My Feeders and 3 kb/s High and Rising all just missed out). So tomorrow I'll upload the first hot ish for this blog.