Thursday, March 8, 2007

Little known songs...

I'm gonna make my first real post be about those songs that you love, but no one seems to have even heard of them. Everyone has a few of these. I must have a few hundred.

Here: I'll give you three today. The first is by Houston cat Devin the Dude. You know; that guy on Dr Dre's song "Fuck You"? He got that mad chilled higher-pitched type of voice. And this song, "Right Now," has just one of the most chilled beats you'll hear. The two go hand in hand. This song just really makes me feel good and its hedonistic nature helps remind me life is pretty fucking good.

Devin the Dude - Right Now
Fly line: "I'm like 'I know its kinda scary, it's a long way down / You shoulda had your shit together when you was on the ground' "

The second is kinda similar in that it makes me feel good. It's by Will.I.Am of Black Eyed Peas together with Long Beach Dub All Stars. It's just got mad lyrics, mad melody and mad instrumental. If you don't end up thinking more positive for a few minutes after listening to this song, you probably never will/do think positive. Brighten up!

Long Beach Dub All Stars feat. Will.I.Am - Sunny Hours
Fly line: "Tell me why I'm not dead with them in the valley down below / I give thanks everyday, for these words that save my soul"

Lastly I'll hook you up with a song that is probably the most well known of these three mentioned. But still, many of this guy's fans have never even heard of this song. It is my favourite song by Lupe Fiasco, and it's from his mixtape "Fahrenheit 1/15 Part I" and it's called "Failure." That is some raw lyrical shit right here. This song made me salivate for over 12 months waiting for his debut album "Food & Liquor." The album was dope but nothing matched his consistent brilliance throughout the verses of this cut. The beat is hella nice too. This is just real hip-hop with mad word plays and great rhyming throughout. This reminds you why you ain't a rapper. P.S. Does anyone else think he looks a lot like Steve Francis? (that's Lupe above if you weren't sure).

Lupe Fiasco - Failure
Fly line: "Please don't Interscope...its gon be a whole lotta Iovine and respiratin’ if I lean out this window with Irene."

Ok that's it for now. Like some foreigner in California once said, I'll be back.

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