Monday, March 26, 2007

Final Four - Quit your whinging!


Cool. We got some final four action going on here and no one could begrudge the team that eventually wins the Tourney. All four remaining teams have had great seasons.

When high seeds dominate the tournament as they have this year, many people start complaining. Cries of "No Cinderella story? Then no interest from me whatsoever!" or "The results are too predictable and most games short on drama" are heard.

Sorry. I didn't realise the NCAA tournament was all about you. I didn't realise the main goal of the NCAA tournament was to entertain you. The whole system must be flawed simply because you weren't given a regular dosage of upsets. It was all so much better "back in the day."

Um...last year George Mason made one of the most incredible runs ever. Remember? If it wasn't for years like 2007, when the top schools dominate, runs like last year's would be nowhere near as impressive. And no where near as memorable.

And who's to say theres no entertainment? In the final four we have:
  • A true character of the game trying to go Repeat and create a true hoops legacy (Florida's Noah)
  • A future hall of famer awakening from his slumber and reminding everyone big man defense can be title-deciding (Ohio State's Oden). The thing is, he's going up against another big man who's doing exactly the same thing in Georgetown (Roy Hibbert).
  • An incredibly well oiled UCLA team out for revenge over Florida after last year's events.
And already in the tourney we've seen some incredible comebacks and great-escapes (Ohio State's and Georgetown's being the most memorable). If people say those games weren't drama filled, then I don't know what is.

We have four top notch teams playing top quality basketball. The NCAA tournament is about rewarding the teams who play the best basketball. To achieve this players need to exhibit great teamwork, incredible skills honed by years of practice and hustle spurred on by the fans and passion felt for their college. It's not about entertaining you...but if you keep an open mind you can bet your bottom dollar that it will.

P.S. For those who want to see my Bracket, here it is.

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