Sunday, March 18, 2007

First name Sean, last name Price

So this is how it goes. I named this blog after the Brokest Rapper you know, Sean Price. So it's only natural I make a post about him.

When it comes to Sean P, you either love him, or clearly haven't heard him yet. Cos its impossible to listen to this cat and hate him. The dude comes fucking charismatic on the mic. He is a veteran MC, formerly part of the duo Heltah Skeltah as Ruck with colleague Rock. This was back in the 90s and these guys were at the forefront of Boot Camp Clik, a hip-hop supergroup from Brooklyn. A couple of years ago dude released his first solo joint: Monkey Barz. Shit was fire - mad lyrics and mad beats. This year he is back with yet more dopeness. The new album is entitled "Jesus Price Supastar"

But why do I love P so much? Aside from his charisma on the mic, its just those mad word plays he comes up with. He is truly hardcore in that Wu-Tang style where its all tongue in cheek but still way more hardcore than those fake ass clowns you see on the screen these days like Mims. He is also hilariously self-depreciating. But yeh, about his word plays: them shits are dope. Shit like "Call dude at the radio / 'Listen could you play me yo?' / 'Yeh i'm a play it', he didn't play it, but he played me though"

That shit right there is dope as fuck. But its just par for the course with Sean P. And he is creative too. How about "Words can't explain the way I feel / ***Starts whistling***" Lots of rappers just stick to that 16 bars shit. And they are generic. If P comes up with an idea he is not afraid to try it. More often than not, it works. Fuck it: it always works. Here's 3 tracks that should help you understand dude is dope.

Onion Head feat. Tek
Fly line: "Gotta dime bitch that live in Japan / Black belt, suck dick, chop bricks with her hand"

I could quote any line from this track. But I'll let you listen to it. The beat by Khrysis just screams for some hot shit to be spat over it. Really gets you going. But when you think about it - when was the last time you heard a wack Khrysis beat? I might do a post on that cat soon.

Jedi Mind Tricks - Beyond the Gates of Pain feat. Sean Price
Fly line: "Rockin and Rollin...Guns N Roses / Pocket is Swollen...Son is Holding, Sean P!"

This beat suits P nicely. Although actually any beat suits P. Ok maybe I should stop praising son and get off his dick.

Fly line: "Word bond, ya'll niggas can't rap worth a damn / The Nine burst blam and earthslam your fam"

Ok here's another P track, produced by 9th Wonder this time. 9th produces a heap of P's shit. It's typical Sean at the start of the track when he says "this beat is just so cool, you know you just wanna relax and, say some old cool shit...but that's not me" and proceeds to bring "Violence" to a beat most rappers would be rhyming about some "ole cool shit."

"The beat is smooth, the rap is hard..." Damn right.


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