Monday, March 24, 2008

Ill clips from recent weeks

Sean P baby! Ya'll know I love this cat...this recent clip gives a sample of what he is capable of.

Here is DJ Khalil previewing a track from the upcoming Nas album. This shit sounds ill!!!

And this is a vid of this cat named 6th Sense who is a producer/rapper making waves right now...his album "It's Coming Soon" is supposedly ill. I will check it out in due course.

Also there is this cat from NY, Cory Gunz, who I been checking out his stuff recently. Here is a clip of him "freestyling". Dude is signed to Def Jam and was making waves a few years ago (he released 3 "The Apprentice" mixtapes which are worth checking out. He then dropped off a bit, but now he is back - he features on the recently released Lil Wayne - A Millie track. Can't find a link that works for that atm, but if you type in Cory Gunz in isohunt you'll find it for ya'll torrent lovers. Either way, check this cat out. He is fire...

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