Thursday, August 2, 2007

Watch out for GAP!!!

Probably the coolest guy in the NBA. In my opinion, anyway...

So KG is at the Celtics now. This really is a good news story. The East is stronger. Long suffering Celtics fans have a reason to follow basketball again. The ref scandal can be forgotten. Sagging TV ratings can be boosted.

And hey you, Minnesota fan, cheer up. You know for a fact that this team was going nowhere. Since a follow-up assault after the 03/04 regular season domination never materialized, this team has really needed to start afresh. And no, that doesn't mean putting a new group of players around the Big Ticket. It means starting from scratch...something they should have done last off-season. Wolves owner Glen Taylor has a lot of explaining to do...after two extremely disappointing seasons it was obvious to everyone that the current system was not working and never would. They weren't one signing away from it all clicking again. They needed to blow it up then and there...they would've got much more for Garnett than they have just received for him. But oh yeah, I'm telling you fans to cheer up, aren't I? Let's forget about those past franchise failures and focus on the future. (Do I have to remind you that, trade him or not, sometime down the track you would have to say goodbye to him. All players, Garnett included, have to retire sometime. And be happy for him. See how happy he looks at Boston? You owe him that, at least.)

Reasons Wolves fans should smile:
  • Al Jefferson: this guy has some great post moves...and not just in the low post. He can find ways to score from all over the paint. His rebounding is also on the verge of being beastly. He had a breakout year last year and is still young enough for continued improvement to seem likely.
  • Corey Brewer and Ryan Gomes: here are a couple of team guys that will really keep the passion KG showed out on the court alive.
  • A fresh start: players who have reneged on their initial promise like Rashad McCants and Marco Jaric can now maybe try and find something new to work with and become the players many hoped they would.
  • Gerald Green: you may know that he won the Dunk Comp...but you may not have known that this guy can shoot. He has a really great jumper to work with, and coupled with his athleticism could really turn out to be a very useful 2/3. I'm just waiting for him to explode...
  • Randy Foye and Craig Smith: These guys showed that they will both be long-time NBA players last year. Craig Smith looks like a steal and its these type of draft decisions that can really help a franchise. Juwan Howard and Ricky D's presence can't hurt any of the youngster's on the team progression either.
  • No more Troy Hudson: Thank God for that. Buying out his contract will free up more cap space for further experience to help the young team.
  • Future first round picks: This will no doubt hopefully help make the team a threat in future years.
All in all, looking at all that, you guys would seem to have a better chance of going further than you ever did with KG. It all depends on the right lessons having being learned. If the Wolves office starts to make some sensible decisions from here on in then their incoming trade assets received for KG really can put them above other building Western teams. Think about many other teams are able to trade a player as huge as Garnett? Maybe getting Garnett all those years ago will benefit the team now...

But let's not forget the Celtic's fans. Reasons they can smile:
  • They got GAP action - Garnett, Allen, Pierce. Rondo and Perkins are also by far not the worst in their starting positions either...depth will be the real key.

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